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Ever been late for a flight due to slow service at an airport restaurant? Or had an in-flight meal that left you feeling queasy? Was your airline lounge so accommodating that it took the edge off your taxing journey? Skydiners allows you to share those experiences with fellow travellers in a convenient and user-friendly way – helping you map out the best food options for your next trip, whilst calling for improvements in food quality + service across the board.

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South African Airways Rating 2.4/10 Travel Date: August 26, 2014 Flight #: SA313 Class: Business Class

AngieM CAPE TOWN reviewed August 27, 2014

Route: Johannesburg - Cape Town Comment:

SAA was a complete let down on service. We were going to miss our evening flight and phoned ahead to change to the morning. We confirmed with the consultant all the names of our party traveling to be changed to SA313. When we arrived at the airport only three of the five had been changed, and the only available tickets were business class!! They were adamant that we had no proof of our changes and we had to purchase new business class tickets. Why would we change only 3 of our 5 tickets!! After the person at the ticket bookings took so long as it seemed she did not have a clue what she was doing, we went to the book in counter only to be greeted by a woman having a huge conversation with her co-worker next to her. We eventually said we are going to miss our flight please can she help us now, we got such an attitude including rolling of the eyes and throwing our tickets around. I am in the service industry and I can't even begin to understand how she could treat a customer like that. No smiling no greeting. To make a long story short the ground staff for SAA need some serious training on how to deal with clients. They are obnoxious and rude, and it feels like they are doing you a favor by serving you. The flight crew and the pilots were very pleasant and the landing brilliant, but unfortunately the experience with the ground crew made us very reluctant to fly SAA again.

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British Airways Rating 3.2/10 Travel Date: August 7, 2014 Flight #: BA345 Class: First Class

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed August 7, 2014

Airport: Los Angeles Intl Comment:

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British Airways Rating 8.1/10 Travel Date: June 25, 2014 Flight #: BA269 Class: First Class

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed June 29, 2014

Route: London - Los Angeles Comment:

Great difference flying on the A380. Staff were great and the food was amazing. I had the 5 course tasting menu with wine pairing! Could not fault BA on this flight!

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Thai Airways International Rating n/a Travel Date: June 18, 2014 Flight #: TG 991 Class: Economy Class

Abigail Cape Town reviewed June 18, 2014

Route: Bangkok - Johannesburg Comment:

The service was very good and I was so impressed when I had a problem with checking something in and the staff sorted it out immediately. Excellent service on board as well. The food though was not up to the same standard and most of it in edible which is a great pity.

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British Airways Rating 3.9/10 Travel Date: June 13, 2014 Flight #: BA58 Class: Economy Class

AlexKemp Cape Town reviewed June 14, 2014

Route: Cape Town - London Comment:

It was generally a good flight, although slightly uncomfortable seating was bothersome, but to be fair having a middle seat is never ideal :). Also the air conditioning was set way to high and the heat was almost unbearable leaving me feeling less than fresh when I arrived, which was especially a problem when our bags got lost. To end on a positive note, the service was friendly and an improvement on the last time I made this journey.

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British Airways Rating 4.2/10 Travel Date: June 13, 2014 Flight #: BA58 Class: First Class

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed June 14, 2014

Route: Cape Town - London Comment:

We had an unfortunate experience at check in where they changed our seats and moved us apart when we were all traveling together! This was not a great start to our journey. On board the service crew were very understanding of the situation and we would like to commend the Service Manager, Katherine and her staff for looking after us. But after the flight ended we were back into our BA nightmares with them losing 7 of our 8 bags! Come on BA up your game!

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Rating 6.4/10 Travel Date: March 24, 2014 Class: n/a

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed June 12, 2014

Restaurant: Tsui Wah Restaurant - Hong Kong Intl Comment:

Amazing Singapore Style Chicken & Rice at Hong Kong Airport

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Rating 7.6/10 Travel Date: March 24, 2014 Class: n/a

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed June 12, 2014

Restaurant: Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop - Hong Kong Intl Comment:

Very tasty BBQ pork if you need a quick fix before leaving Hong Kong!

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American Airlines Rating 7.6/10 Travel Date: March 9, 2014 Flight #: AA137 Class: Business Class

Toomanymiles Cape Town reviewed March 11, 2014

Route: London - Los Angeles Comment:

I was hesitant to fly American Airlines from Heathrow to LAX, as in the past the planes always seem old and shabby and the seats are not great. I was pleasantly surprised by the new Business Class offering. The seat was more comfortable than British Airways and felt more private. I would rate the seating as one of the best business class offerings out there. Service was very good, and the food was great. I pre-booked my meal before flying which is always a good option to ensure you get your first choice. They even now have Texas Holdem Poker on the entertainment system!

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British Airways Rating 5.0/10 Travel Date: March 8, 2014 Flight #: BA54 Class: First Class

Travelguru Cape Town reviewed March 9, 2014

Route: Johannesburg - London Comment:

I got the old First Class so was very disappointing! Also the entertainment system only started working a few hours into the flight! Food was surprisingly better this time. Seems like the caterers out of Johannesburg are much better than Cape Town. Service was very good and I felt well looked after even though it was an old plane, they made a plan to compensate me.

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