Flight: Los Angeles - London
Flight Number: 268
Date of Travel: 2015-05-14
Class: Economy Class

Overall rating: 6.6/10


Writer: cfitz24
June 3, 2015
Meals: BreakfastDinner
Service rating: 8/10
Presentation rating: 6/10
Taste rating: 5/10
Entertainment rating: 9/10
Choices rating: 6/10
Check In/Booking Experience rating: 6/10
Seat rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 7/10

General Comments:

I'm pretty easily impressed by flying in general, but the extra touches British Airways offers raises the bar ever so higher. Wide selection of entertainment with movies I actually wanted to see and a glass of red wine (a little sour, but free!) to kick off the flight. The food was acceptable if you've set your expectations in the right place. Overall, I could see someone with more refined taste turning up their nose, but for a college kid, it was a better-than-average flight.

Seating Tips:

Sitting in an exit row can be a pain for some airlines, but British Airways will accommodate you to a point. I had a bag I wanted to have on hand that had to be stowed away in the bins for safety purposes. Slightly annoying, but the leg room was gratefully accepted.