Flight: London - Nice
Flight Number: BA344
Date of Travel: 2015-06-20
Class: Business Class

Overall rating: 3.7/10


Writer: Travelguru
June 20, 2015
Meals: Snack
Service rating: 5/10
Presentation rating: 4/10
Taste rating: 4/10
Choices rating: 1/10
Baggage Experience rating: 7/10
Seat rating: 1/10
Overall rating: 4/10

General Comments:

See my seat tips! Shame on you BA - might as well fly economy - exact same seats!

Seating Tips:

BA have downgraded their business class seats on their Europe legs! Crazy! They are the exact same as the economy seats - same leg room, same width. All they do is block the middle seat! What a ripoff! Shame on you BA!