Flight: London - Los Angeles
Flight Number: BA269
Date of Travel: 2015-07-10
Class: First Class

Overall rating: 7.8/10


Writer: Travelguru
July 15, 2015
Meals: LunchDinner
Service rating: 8/10
Presentation rating: 8/10
Taste rating: 8/10
Entertainment rating: 10/10
Amenities rating: 8/10
Choices rating: 9/10
Check In/Booking Experience rating: 10/10
Baggage Experience rating: 1/10
Seat rating: 8/10
Overall rating: 8/10

General Comments:

Love the comfort of the A380. Service was great. Annoying passenger in front of me kept his window shade open the entire flight - not fun on a 10 hour day flight when you want to get some rest, even with the eyeshades! Also some of the food was missing on the 5 course tasting menu as they forgot to load it onboard!